Turns out, it IS like birth.

Most of the people on this list have either given birth or been there when someone else has.

When I tell you that writing and self-publishing my book has been like giving birth, I'm not exaggerating.

(No, this isn't like when people say that having a pet is just like being a parent. 🤨)

As someone who has brought a human into the world, I am now in the final stages of birthing this book.

Who knew that writing it was actually the easiest part? 😆

Anyway, I've been missing writing to you. If you've been missing my emails too, well then I must be doing something right!

But I've been away for an important reason.

As midwives and doulas will tell you, there comes a time in a woman's birth that she goes inside herself.

She goes inside, deeper than she has ever gone before, to find a reserve, a strength, an endurance she's never had to call forth before.

She goes searching for it in the dark, unexplored recesses of herself.

She has to go alone. Nobody can come with her.

She calls for it. She reaches for it. She hopes it's there.

But she has to go in without knowing for sure if it even exists.

And then...

She finds it.

She also finds out it was there all along.

Once she knows this, she can never un-know it.

She emerges into the light, wearing that knowing like a mantle, like a cape, like a crown.

And she does what needs to be done to birth her child.


That's where I'm at with Look Up!

I've gone into a new part of that dark place.

I've asked myself if I have what it takes to go on.

All the while knowing that turning back isn't an option.

And I am finding her, that version of myself who has always existed. Who was waiting to be called upon, to be discovered.

Here she is.

And here -- almost -- is my book.

The book I wrote for YOU.


When faced with a formidable task, may you let yourself hope just enough that you are willing to go deep inside and find your strength.

May you meet the version of yourself you need, and may you then know that she or he was in you all along.

Glinda, the good witch, told Dorothy, and us, years ago, "You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it yourself.”

Also, if you'd like to meet my book's cover, it's ready to meet you too. Check it out (and snag Chapter 1 of Look Up!) here.

Pre-orders start soon. Respond "Launch" to this email if you're interested in joining my Launch Crew aka Hype Crew aka Support Your Girl aka "Help me, I'm a first time author."

Jenna Lee “and there you are" Dillon​

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