Screen Free Renegade Super Tip #1

TIP: Curate your children's media inputs.

Choose media for your kiddos that reflects kids experiencing screen freed childhoods. This includes books, audiobooks, television shows, and family movie night.

Here's why it works:

All of us are influenced by what we see, hear, and participate in (hello, influencers making bank on social media). Kids especially are prone to this - it's why kid-centric commercials work so well!

You certainly can't control all the inputs your kids get from outside sources like kids at school (though this is why getting your child's friends' parents on board with Screen Freed is so critical). But whenever possible, choose media that models the kind of childhood you want for your children.

If you want your kids to be independent, creative, kind, industrious, outdoorsy and adventurous, then make sure they are seeing examples of those traits modeled by kids in the stories and shows they consume.

Let your kids' entertainment exemplify screen freed childhood. This provides an alternative for when they see adults and kids with their faces buried in devices IRL.

-Jenna Lee "control what you can & let the rest go" Dillon

P.S. Email for a list of children's books that reflect the values listed above.

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